Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gett your butt out and start saving water!

The UK's Environment Agency estimate, as one example, that if we turn off the tap while brushing our teeth the individual saving would be approx 5 litres of water, and this assumes we brush our teeth for only an average of 1 minute. Not much you may think, but if every adult in the U.K. were to do the same, the saving would be 180 million litres a day, enough to supply nearly 500,000 homes!

Water... is anybody saving it ? We all know water conservation makes sense. So why aren't more people doing it ? That's the question the guys at have been asking and they've come up with the answers.

The leading environmental portal is offering advice and information on simple, cost efficient ways for everyone to make the most of the wet stuff. "Water is fundamental to our eco-system supporting plant, animal and human life. As our climate changes then conservation of water is likely to become an area where we all need to get involved," explains green & easy's co-founder David Smethurst.

"The good news is there are a number of simple steps we can take as individuals to save water, in fact some may seem so straightforward it's easy to think they won't make much of a difference. However, the concept of 'one to the power of many' could have a very powerful effect when it comes to water conservation."

From always waiting until your dishwasher is full to toilet flushing practices, the website is overflowing with simple tips on how to save water. For those wishing to take things further, a system to recycle grey water in the home can cost less than £20 and a cistern water saving device is just £15.

Water butts are probably one of the easiest ways to harvest rainwater and will certainly pay for themselves many times over - your garden will also be thanking you!

"There is often the misconception that being green isn't easy, especially in our fast paced world," continues David. "I challenge that and I challenge people to start making a difference and being more environmentally friendly in their everyday lives. Water conservation is a great place to start. It isn't radical and it isn't difficult. It's green - and easy!" was launched in August 2006 to promote and sell environmentally friendly products and provide simple steps to greener living. Co-founders David and Jackie Smethurst can be contacted on 0845 2570550 (in the UK) or via

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