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Carnival of the Veil May 4 2008

Carnival of the Veil May 4 2008


Firstly, we have two posts from South Bay Soliloquies .

"!I went to the California Science Center this weekend to see the Body Worlds 3 exhibit there. There's an IMAX film about the Human Body that goes along with the exhibit, but I wasn't entirely impressed with the film (I think it was something from the Learning Channel) and it's not essential to watch if you're going to the exhibit."


I was reminded of my own mother's homemade mayonnaise by Molly Wizenberg's article, Mayo Clinic last month. I vaguely remember my mom making mayonnaise during my childhood for things like potato salad and sandwiches.

While I can't remember her recipe, I do remember she insisted on using olive oil and dry mustard. (My memory is flaky on the olive oil part, but very solid on the dry mustard part) The bright, lemony top-note mellows quickly into the taste of raw oil on the bottom-note (to use perfumer's terms) and is definitely not like anything that comes in a blue-capped plastic container.

So here it is. Add a crushed garlic clove for extra zing.

(EDITOR: The recipe is on the blog. Visit it and make it. It seems very similar to my wife's recipe for homemade Mayo.)

And now from CV Rick, Growing Up Mormon (That sucked, didn't it? Well, it did for Rick and for me, also)
Growing Up Mormon - The Mormon Uniform

Mormon missionaries wear white shirts, dark ties, a nametag, and a bicycle helmet. That's their uniform. When I turned twelve I received the Aaronic Priesthood and was then worthy to pass the sacrament, water and bread, to the congregation. From that point on I had no choice about what to wear to church: white shirt, dark tie, dress shoes.

(EDITOR: This, however, is a more sucky than most story)

And lastly my own contribution. News that Martha Beck's latest book is to be published in the UK, soon:

And here's one from my archive
Scams, Schemes and Dreams or why Mormons are more susceptible to MLMs than most other people:

Plus a couple of others from my other blogs
It's about Glastonbury
How the father of British Geology is to be honoured in Scarborough.

That's it for now! See you in two weeks.

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