Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another dull summer

We have had another pretty dull summer in Britain. Poor weather, cloudy and cool in August. Now, that's just not fair, is it?

When people on RFM mention that they are suffering from heat waves in the 30s, I can only point to the fact that one evening it was 12c, and the heating decided to kick in that night, as it was so cold! Oh, well. All the rain makes Britain a very green place to be. Though we do, actually, have a desert in England.
will take to a picture of said desert.

Rather like the Mormon church. A desert, least where one would expect it.

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AlexisAR said...


I had no idea you had anything resembling a desert in England.
The overall greenness of your isles appeal to me. Rain in and of itself is charming until you've had your thirty-first consecutive day of it anyway, and the glorious results it produces!

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Your reader,