Thursday, August 12, 2010

What was the worst thing your parents ever did?

To my mind, the worst thing my parents ever did was to join the Mormon church or cult if you will.

This has caused misery and heartache down the years. It also put up barriers between our side of the family and other people in the extended family, where it is certain that none existed before.

My mother cannot understand this. I could tell her why, but then that would only feed her "Oh, we are being persecuted for our faith" paranoia. And I really do not think that would help at all.

But why should people associate with Mormons? The problem with Mormons is that they have an extremely limited range of conversational topics. It goes something like this:-

1) Mormonism
2) Joseph Smith
3) The Temple
4) General Conference
5) Mormonism
6) Joseph Smith
7) The Temple
8) General Conference
9) And so on....

People get bored, especially when they realise that Mormonism is nonsense. For an ordinary person to fall amongst Mormons must be like when an ordinary person finds themselves accidental enmeshed in a convention of War Game enthusiasts. I mean, you can see why people would be interested in the fantasies created by a master story teller, but you might not be interested in it yourself. But as for war gaming? That's an entirely different kettle of fish!

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AlexisAR said...

My dad was wise enough to get out of the church as soon as he finished his mission, so I can't blame what the church has done to me on him. That would be the grandparents' doing. The worst thing the Church has done to my family, though, is to excluded "non-members" and "unworthy" members from temple weddings.