Monday, August 30, 2010

Why are Mormons so Mormon?

Mormons are, by and large, nice people. But get them into full Mormon mode and they seem to become crazy people!

I heard of a Mormon woman who had a weird dream about Amazon and her son growing up to look at pictures of women's underwear on the Amazon website, so she has blocked Amazon from her computer!

I mean, how bizarre and flaky is that?!

Who on earth would do something so mindbogglingly dense? Oh. Sorry, yes, I already answered that question. A Mormon would.


AlexisAR said...

My kooky mormon relatives frequently act on dreams that were probably the result of indigestion or an incorrect Prozac dosage, so I totally get someone blocking because of a dream.

I know you're far away, but did you read or hear about a Mormon bishop being shot in California? it's pretty far from where I live in CA (maybe 300 miles), but my aunt's best friend knew him. It was certainly sad, especially for the man's six young children and the wife who probably hadn't yet found her way out of her most recent bout with post-partum depression, but the unrelated Mormons were trying to pin the blame on persecution of Mormons when the shooter ended up just being a bipolar ex-Mormon who was off his meds and disgruntled. He had supposedly been excommunicated, although what could be accomplished by excommunicating someone with a Bipolar I diagnosis is a mystery to me.

By the way, thanks for occasionally taking on my nutcase relatives.

Matt said...

I knew someone who was bipolar. They exed her, too. Very sad case.

Ahab said...

If its of any consolation, fundamentalist Protestants can be just as kooky when they assemble in groups. Superstitious thinking does bizarre things to the group mind!