Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mormonism it's ALL about the money.

Why do I gain the impression that with Mormonism it is all about the money? Again, cleaners and caretakers at branches and wards are being sacked and replaced with members 'called' to be cleaners and caretakers.

And the UK sales centre is being closed and centralised in Continental Europe. That's like the US, Canada and Central America all being run from the same central location. It will almost certainly not work.

Yet on the other hand, we see shopping malls, luxury hotels, etc, etc, being built with money from the Mormon church!

What IS happening? What IS going on?

Is The Mormon church morphing into a multilevel marketing real estate concern that has less and less to do with the cult that Joseph Smith founded?


AlexisAR said...

Matt, I see it as all about money in more ways than one. A cousin of mine had gotten himself into some trouble that made him unworthy to serve a mission. My granparents donated enought money to build a new wing onto some BYU building and voila! He's all of the sudden worthy, has gone through the temple, and is packing his bags.

By the way, I caught a response you made on Sept. 26 to one of my blog entries. I answered. Had I seen it sooner, I would have responded in a more timely manner.

Matt said...

Amazing how clean money can wash people!

Matt said...

And don't worry about not spotting the comment! You were busy, remember? ;o))