Sunday, September 05, 2010

Summer is over, Autumn is on the way

Summer is fading and Autumn is, indeed, on the way. The Canada Geese are preparing for their long migratory flight and soon the ponds and lakes of the British Isles will cease to reverberate to their melodious honking as they spend their winter on the other side of the Atlantic.

There is something mythical and magical about their skeins as they fly, honking to each other, to leave our shores until next Spring, when their honking voices will again signal to the inhabitants of the British Isles that Spring is, again, on its way!

Some people say that it is the Autumn for the Mormon Church, that it cannot last long before it falls into the winter of it's existence. I feel that this is wishful thinking. Mormonism will be here for many years to come.

However I believe that it is slowly changing what it is and that this process will take a great many years. Mormonism will, over time, become less of a religion and more of a corporate body. It is probably for this reason that the Mormon church is buying more land, building shopping malls, etc. Preparing for a time when the core of Mormonism shrinks to Utah and neighbouring States in the USA, and that eventually Mormonism will not be so much a religion but a corporate brand.

There will still be some members of the Mormon church, but they will be seen as virtually museum pieces. There will still be some branches and wards across the USA and in some other parts of the world but these will be seen as curiosities, a fleeting memory of a distant past. And about as relevant as the early sects of Mormonism that faded away when their founder/s died.


AlexisAR said...

Maybe Mormons will be like the Shakers, who still exist in incredibly small numbers in the eastern U. S. despite their religion's ban on procreation.

Matt said...

Alexis, that's my thinking, too. The Shakers analogy is a very good one.