Friday, January 07, 2011

Here is a video of someone channelling for Joseph Smith!


AlexisAR said...

My dad told me about a disagreement he and my mom had regarding Joseph Smith a couple of days ago in the hospital. Another couple was there visiting my mom, and the topic turned to Joseph Smith. Someone asked exactly what Joseph Smith had doen to alienate so many people. My dad said that he'd done quite a few things to turn the public tide against him, but that the worst thing was probably boinking girls "who look about like Alexis." (Thanks, Dad.) My mom disagreed, and said that while he may have banged and/or had himself sealed to a few underage women, if there was any such thing in those days, surely he wouldn't have been interested in anyone who looked like Alexis. (Thanks, Mom.)

They never reached consensus, with my mom insisting that there had to be girls too undeveloped to attract Joseph Smith's attention, and my dad insisting that if a girl was out of diapers, she was probably old enough by J. S.'s standards.

Matt said...

Moms, heh? Good grief!

I expect you are very pretty!

However... your mother's REAL issue might be that she does not want to consider ANYONE lusting after her little girl. (And you may well be her little girl when you are 35, it's a parent thing, I think.)

Joseph Smith started with a woman older than himself, then he took younger and younger lovers until he got down to one who was 14 years of age.

Had Joseph not died in a fire fight, God alone knows what debauchery and wickedness he would have fallen into.

Perhaps your dad's analysis would have been right...