Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mormonism... It's just so empty!

Looking back on Mormonism, I realise now that it is just so empty.

There's nothing to it. I remember a General Authority saying: "We have no theologians in Mormonism!" and he was so proud of that. Like it was something to boast about!

Well, it certainly was nothing to be proud of, nothing to be boastful about!

Because that statement pointed out the inherent flaw of Mormonism.

Mormonism is an empty vessel, filled from time-to-time with whatever stuff the present leaders of the Mormon church want to fill it with. The next leader comes along, pours out the content of the vessel and then fills it with something else.

That's why there is no real continuity in Mormonism. Whilst they claim it is the same Church that Joseph Smith founded, allegedly the same Church that Jesus Christ founded, that's not only nonsense, it is an arrogant and asinine lie! And those at the top of Mormonism (the powers behind the thrones of the General Authorities) must be full aware of this fact.

Baptists, Church of England, Catholics, Methodists, Mormons have little in common with these sects/churches.

Mormonism has more in common with Amway, Noni Juice, Nu Skin, Mary Kay, Nature’s Sunshine Products, Herbalife, Nutra-Smart, XanGo, Living Scriptures, 4Life Research, NSA, Pharmanex, Quixtar, Shaklee, Kirby, Unicity International, USANA Health Sciences, Inc., Bettaware, Kleeneze, etc., as it is more of a multi-billion Dollar corporate monster than a church.


Donna Banta said...

Great post. I've often wondered, what exactly does a person have to do to become a Book of Mormon scholar? First, go to seminary ...

Matt said...

Thanks, Donna. I appreciate your point.

AlexisAR said...

They may not have theologians, Matt, but they hae more apologists, both paid and volunteer, than the rest of the world's religions put together.
That, too, speaks volumes. What kind of a religion would have no theologians but more apologists than they can keep track of?

Matt said...

Alexis, that's a very good point!