Saturday, January 22, 2011

TV show on how cults can damage families

Richard Packham has posted that a TV producer has asked for people to contact her regarding a programme they are making.

Richard writes: "I have been contacted by a television producer who is planning to do a series for the A&E network on families where an adult couple are having problems with parents or in-laws due to differences or changes in religion. She is looking now for families where the problem is Mormonism."

You can find all of the contact details on this link:-,90691,90691#msg-90691


AlexisAR said...

Gosh, how I wish my parents would sign on with this guy to do his show! I'll mention it, but I'm 99% sure they'd never actually do it. They're very private. It bothers them even that I blog anonymously.

Matt said...

I can understand why.

I, too, am a very private person.

I probably would not sign up for that show. What?? Be seen by millions of people who would all know I had been a member of a wacky, weirdo cult? Maybe I'd keep that secret! ;oD