Friday, February 11, 2011

Did Mormonism make a liar out of you?

Did Mormonism make a liar out of you?

I have seen people who became Mormons as decent, honest human beings become liars. It's not overnight, it takes time, but it does happen.

It starts out with milk before meat, but this is often used as an excuse to tell blatant lies to people.

For example, Mormons have been asked by other Mormons: "Do they dress up in costumes the LDS temple?"

The answer will usually be "no!" Which is, of course, a lie.


AlexisAR said...

I LOVE asking my LDS relatives questions about the temple, and I've never yet gotten a straight answer from any of them. Even my dad, who went through the temple before his mission, doesn't like to talk about it. He doesn't lie to me about it, though; he just says there are some things he doesn't really like to talk about, and that I'm free to ask again because he might feel differnt in the future. My pseudo-uncle Scott has talked about it with me, so I think I now have a pretty good idea. It's still fun to watch my relatives blatantly lie, so I keep posing the temple questions to them.

Anonymous said...

I have been telling people that I'm not a mormon for years even though I knew I was technically, because I was still on their roles. That is one of the main reasons I have been trying (and trying and trying) to get my name off their records, so I'm not a liar when I tell people that I'm not a mormon.

And on the subject of mormon liars--I think that they really write off a lot of their beliefs or don't really think about them. Then when confronted with them, they don't know what to do or say. ie, when I said to a mormon girl "your husband has to know your secret name to get you in to heaven" and she said, "I don't think they actually say that." Oh yes they do. I have been to the temple. And you have to know secret signs/tokens/handshakes--and when you boil it down to that it is just flat embarrassing!!! I'd probably deny it too!