Friday, February 04, 2011

The weather

Well, it's 2.52am and we are not sleeping. Due to the storm force winds that are battering our house.

The storm force winds that the Met Office forgot to tell us about until 24 hours AFTER they started.

I am not amused by their ineptitude. Perhaps if they spent more time predicting the weather than running computer models of global warming, they might be able to do a better job?


AlexisAR said...

Are you in dnager, Matt?

Matt said...

Hello, Alexis!

Thank you for asking, but no, we were not in any great danger. Though part of our fence blew down, and it cost us hang on... just off to visit a currency converter website... $420 (£260) to have the broken bit taken away and a new section of fencing put up. We were lucky, it could have cost more.

Someone in North Wales was killed, sadly, in a flash flood that overwhelmed his 4x4/SUV. It looks like he was able to escape from his flooded vehicle, but got swept away by the raging torrent. (Sorry! Went a bit too journalistic, there!)

Our African Grey Parrot is predicting more winds to come, though. And she's never been wrong, so far.

AlexisAR said...

I'm sorry about your fence and really sorry about the poor guy in north wales. Regarding getting too journalistic . . . journalistic is good.