Saturday, March 05, 2011

We finally bought a Nintendo Wii!

Yes, we finally bought a Nintendo Wii!

As part of my wife's birthday present, we bought her the Wii Fit+ with the balance board. We used one of these several times at a friend's house and we liked it very much, so it was an easy buy for this year's birthday present for my wife!

She set it up this evening whilst I was entertaining out parrot in the study (she comes out of her parrot tower every evening for a couple of hours time with me, listening to Michael Jackson) when I came down later I had myself weighed by the Wii and I have lost some weight, I am 95kg, 15.5 stones.

I tried some of the exercises, but got on best with the freestyle stepping, doing 800 of these for the first time to see how it went. Well, I think!

We also played some tennis later (against the Wii) and my game is improving enough that I actually won some sets!

If you need exercise and can't be bothered with a gym, buy yourself a Wii, but get the balance board and the Wii Fit+ stuff. It means that you can get exercise, but without the expense of a gym membership that you probably -if you are like me!- would never seem to have enough time to go to attend the gym sessions.

But just switching your Wii on at home? Well, that's easy. Plus there's no need to waste time travelling to and from the gym!


AlexisAR said...

Congratulations! My family still doesn't own one. We're lucky to have indoor plumbing,

AlexisAR said...

Congratulations! My family still doesn't own one. We're lucky to have indoor plumbing,

Matt said...

I thought people in Cali had indoor pools with chilled sparkling wine (Californian, of course!) on tap?

I know a family who still do not have electricity in their home and who still use gas lighting. Apparently when they were asked in the 1940s if they wanted mains electricity, they said no.

AlexisAR said...

Wow. They turned down electricity in the 1940's and still don't have it? Amazing! If push came to shove, I think I could live without electricity more easily than I could live without indoor plumbing.

The sparking wines and indoor pools are just to the west of me, in the napa valley area and the northern california coastal area. southern CA doesn't need indoor pools because the weather is so mild year-round. They're all into sparking mines, though, except for the central valley. The Sacarmento Valley mat not be as backward as the San Joaquin Valley to the south of us. I'm not quite sure. Either way, we combine with them to form the hick capital of CA. They have more dsutbowl descendants, but we have our share of rednecks, however they landed here. People sometimes forget that not all of CA is Los Angeles and San francisco.