Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better weather is here

After an indifferent summer here in the UK, I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Silicon Valley, California.

The weather was gorgeous. Cool and overcast in the early morning, with the sun punching its way through the overcast very quickly to bring a delightfully hot -though not muggy- day. (Muggy is an British word for when the weather is hot and damp.)

When I got back home, it started to rain, so all was normal. And the weather remained normal until this week. I.E., sunny with periods of cloudy weather with some rain.

The weather has become unseasonally warm this week, with temperatures in our sun trap back garden reaching a high of 32C.

It's almost as nice -but not quite as nice- as the weather in California.

When the weather is like this it is known as an Indian Summer, a term borrowed from America.

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