Sunday, September 18, 2011

Raptor Jesus; His book

The book is about a man who was born into the Mormon "religion" and who faithfully served a mission, proselytising for his faith.

However, that's when things started to go seriously wrong, from one point of view, or. From another perspective, seriously right. He became quite ill on his mission.

Because of the intense pressure of the religion and the beliefs dealing with faith and healing, he developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when he is not healed by faith and cannot finish his mission.

After searching for answers, he finally discovers that the Mormon church is not what it claims to be and he decides to exit the religion and confront his past. The book skewers the religion and American pop culture as much as it explains them.

Author Raptor Jesus said: “If I were to explain what the book's about in one sentence it would be: The book is about punching the Mormon god right in his f***ing face.”

He went on to say: “The book is aimed at anyone who enjoys a good, naughty joke and has been curious about Mormons or Mormon missionaries. It was written during the same time that the Book of Mormon Musical hit Broadway like a rabid gorilla. The audiences would be very similar.

“I wrote this because I had to in order to recover from my past as much as I could. I also found that everyone who had a strict religious upbringing that didn't want to conform really liked the parallels of their stories with mine.”

The book is available via Amazon. From it costs $3.44 as a Kindle book and from it costs £2.09p.

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