Saturday, September 17, 2011

Santa Clara is cool!

I loved my time in Santa Clara! The meal with exmos did not happen, due to security at San Francisco Airport taking two hours to get through. Apparently it was thought to be a very good idea to send everyone but a tiny handful of staff on break when they KNEW four VERY full 747s would be arriving at pretty much the same time.

So there was the ridiculous spectacle of hundreds of visitors to the USA waiting in a massive line, whilst the domestic arrivals/US citizens staff were sat doing nothing!

Eventually a small woman with a fiery, feisty nature came up, berated them and turned most of the gates from US to foreign visitors. But by the time it was too late to get to the hotel, register for the convention and then sort myself out.

But! I was able to enjoy some drinks with Mrs E and Wine Country Girl from the RFM board, so that did make up for it, as they were delightful company.

Will I be back in San Francisco next year? Perhaps. We shall wait and see!


AlexisAR said...

I don't think I've been to Santa Clara specifically, although i've driven through there. I believe it's just outside the peninsula from San Jose. Three of my cousins went to the Catholic university there.

The sF bay area is generally a pretty nice place. The only major downside if it's not a high crime-rate area, which I don't believe Santa Clara is, is the traffic.

I'm glad you had a good time there.

Matt said...

The traffic was... yes, I can see how it must be a bitch of a commute! ;o))