Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to counter Mormon Baptism for the Dead

To some people the Mormon doctrine of Baptism for the Dead is of no importance. They beleive that as it is a fake created by Joseph Smith, that it doesn't matter.

However, for some people it matters very much. They feel it is an insult to not only their dead ancestors but also to the family.

Others might wonder why the Mormon Church should benefit from the misdeeds of some of its own members.

For example, Mormons,some disguised as Indians, murdered an entirely innocent wagon train of settlers in Mountain Meadows. Should the Mormon Church profit from having their murder victims baptised for the dead?

And in Germany some Mormons sided with the Nazis and reported where Jewish families were hiding. They even reported on members of the German Resistance movement causing them to be taken away and executed. Once again, the questions remains, should the Mormon Church be allowed to profit from the misdeeds of some of its membership?

I think not.

How, therefore, can baptism for the dead be countered in a theological way? If you are an active member of a religious group you can approach your church elders or leaders and ask them to organise a special ceremony to de-baptise the victim of baptism for the dead, or necrodunking as some critics term this practice.

If you do not regularly attend a church you might like to take the following prayer and change it to suit your own particular faith's concept of God:-

"Lord, please hear my prayer. The Mormon Church has baptised for the dead members of my family, my clan or other people that I feel connected to by reason of tribe, culture or faith. Lord, I feel that this baptism for the dead is an insult to not only them, but also to myself and other members of my family, my clan and my culture.

"Therefore, Lord, I am asking you to please revoke the effects of this baptism for the dead and set it aside as being an unwarranted intrusion and an insult."

You can then finish the payer in the fashion appropriate to your faith.

If you are an atheist, you can alter this to remove any religious reference and instead make it into a prayer to the Universe.

If you like this idea, please forward this blog post to as many people as you feel would find comfort, release and peace from being able to enact this idea.


AlexisAR said...

Matt, my own extended and semi-family has wrestled with this recently. A member of the family, relatively recently deceased, was baptized for the dead and sealed to her earlier-deceased and also baptised for the dead husband. Both of these people had ample opportunities in their own lives to affiliate with the LDS church if they so desired, and as far as appearances go, neither so desired. The wife in particular especially strong beliefs against any church that purported to be the "one true church."

The non-LDs portion of the family is divided on the issue. Some think it's a hoot and a half. Some say it's a meaningless gesture, so why get all up in arms about it? Others, who agree that it's a meaningless gesture, are at the same time offended because it was a figurative slap in the face to the couple, who held their own religious beliefs, which were discounted and disrespected by the LDS offspring of the couple, which are a distinct minorityamong the offspring.

If by some weird happening, I have children who all end up being LDS, it would probably give them solace to have the complete kit and caboodle done on my behalf. If, however, even one is a non and objects, I'll say they can't do it. I'll put this in writing. Does the Church have to honor the wishes of the deceased if they're put in writing?

Matt said...

I do not think they do, Alexis. They would argue that they do not have a contract with the deceased.

However, such actions would generate a lot of negative PR for the Mormon Church.

Ace Halstead said...

There exist so many misunderstanding of the "Mormon" faith. The true name of the church being "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". It is their belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored, in all it's glory now, during this dispensation, a culmination of all those that preceded us...the Old Testament, the New Testament, the "Other Sheep" Christ spoke of. Temple ordinances are simply physical exercises for those that did not have opportunity while living, in this dispensation. They are simply the physical exercise of spiritual meaning...for those whom temple work is performed, it is believed they now have the freedom and opportunity to accept or refuse. Nothing binding, nothing converting them to LDS, simply, a practice of love for all brothers and sisters in our Lord's kingdom, to do as they individually select. Simply, through the restored church and authority, as Christ and His Apostles held, once again, upon Earth...that which is sealed upon Earth may be sealed in Heaven, through God's love...Nobody shall become LDS (Christ's Gospel) without their stated intent and desire!!! :)