Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An appeal for funds for Notamormon

Good day. I have hesitated to make this request for some time, but, I have decided that the time has come when it has to be made.

The computer I use to run my Notamormon blog is now somewhat elderly in the terms of the ages of computers.

It is now over five years old and does require either changing for a newer model or at the very least it needs some new parts. a better cooling fan, for example.

However, Matt's day job is not paying what it should (I have not had a pay rise in six years, for one reason or another) and so upgrading or replacing my old HP Computer is not possible at present.

Which is where the loyal readers of Notamormon come in. Would you, please, be able to donate a modest sum of money to the Matt's Notamormon New Computer Appeal Fund?

I am not asking for a vast sum of money from everyone. If everyone who can could just make a modest donation of four or five Dollars, then that would be marvellous.

The donation button is on the upper right of the Notamormon blog. I am not asking for one large, generous donation, just a number of modest or small donations, please.

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