Thursday, February 23, 2012

How long will it be before some Mormon "does the work" for Whitney Houston?

How long will it be before some Mormon "does the work" for Whitney Houston?

Yes, indeed! How long will it be before some Mormon decides to "do the work" for Whitney Houston?

Of course, prior to 1978 no decent, Brigham Young fearing Mormon would have even dared to think about having to work done for a "Black" person.

In fact, an otherwise decent young Mormon who seemed to have amassed a collection of Mormon FPRs (this was in pre-Internet days) would regale people with how a white looking Mormon was declined a position in the LDS Church because one of the other priesthood holders was warned by the voice of God that he should not get the calling.

It turned out, she would tell everyone, that this was the right cause of action because when they went back over many years, they found out that this man had a single "Black" ancestor, so was not worthy of either being given the calling or even of holding the priesthood. Why? Because having even one drop of "Black" blood precluded him from full membership of the LDS church.

Oddly enough, I have not heard that FPR since 1978. And, in accordance with the habits of Mormonism, I doubt if she remembers telling that story, which she told gleefully at Seminary, Institute, Firesides, or in F&T meeting.

Anyone else hear that FPR? Any other FPRs that you would like to share?


AlexisAR said...

My grandfather's best friend used to talk regularly about how, when he was on his mission in Brazil, the "Spirit" told him and his companions which doors not to bother knocking on because the inhabitants had the Blood of Cain running through their vein.

Matt said...

I have heard this kind of nonsense from other Mormons re Brazil.

Presumably after 1978 they were able to go back and preach to those self-same people?