Saturday, August 12, 2006

Calling IAmThat

You wrote:

"Matt, Interesting that you chose the exact same name and surprisingly have the exact same merchandise for sale, by the exact same supplier. And you have the same name as the NAM site owner. You even end your emails with the same salutation as the other Matt did. Such a coincidence.


Interesting? Only to someone who does not get out enough.

Do I have the same merchandise for sale? No. It would seem that you claim that Matt and myself both use or used the same online shop, Cafe Press (as do thousands of other people and organisations). But NOT the same goods. (The goods I have for sale were designed by me only a couple of months ago, so your claim that we have the SAME goods on sale is untrue. You DID check the goods that are on sale, didn't you? Because I do not think you did.)

What? There are more than two exmos using the name Matt? Do you know how many people use the name Matt or Matthew on the Exmo board? Do you? You do not have to check. I'll tell you. It is 16. And that's only 16 that are registered, there are unregistered ones, also.

Wow. Two people use the same salutation! Is that really "such a coincidence?" Not to anyone with an ounce of common sense. (How many salutations can there be?)

Of course, had you been arsed to email me as I asked you, I could have supplied you with my private UK email address. (Mind you, one would have thought that the fact that I use a UK Yahoo address might have been something of a clue...)

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The Sinister Porpoise said...

Could you please have Iamthat e-mail me? I want to ask her something...

Iamthat, if you're reading, it really *isn't* the same Matt. This one's from the UK, not Utah.