Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Are Mormons trained to be liars?

Mormons are apparently taught not to lie. More specifically, in the Biblical terminonlogy, they are taught “not to bear false witness.”

How strange it is for us ex-Mormons to keep finding that Mormons descend on the ex-Mormon bulletin board ( with the express intention of lying and bearing false witness to us?

They use a variety of guises. The gentle seeker after truth. The ex-Mormon who has some sincere questions about the faith, the believing Mormon who is struggling with attending church, and there are even people who were born into Mormonism who pretend that they were converts from another faith when they visit

Why do Mormon feel it necessary to visit and to lie to the people there? Do they not realise that, in the lies that they tell, they are condemning themselves?

Is it perhaps possible that they do not consider lying to “apostates” (sic) to be an real lie? Do they consider that “being a liar for Jesus” is somehow justified in the arid and vacuous theology that appertains to Mormonism?

Do they really, honestly think that the people who use are so stupid and gullible that they will not be able to spot that they are not what they claim to be, but are, instead, nothing but filthy liars?

They attempt to re-convert ex-Mormons by trying to blind us by throwing dirt in our eyes. As a tactic, it is mind numbingly dense. Stupid, even. But when Daniel C. Peterson, a lecturer at BYU decides to use such subterfuge at, one realises that the “being a liar for Jesus” programme is one that is approved of at the very highest levels of the Mormon church.

The Mormon church. Condemned as a hotbed of lies and liars out of its own , filthy mouth.

(A slightly different version of this post was published in February. But I thought the points could do with being raised again.)

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