Sunday, November 04, 2007

Are you frightened of Mormonism?

Well... are you?

Moronism annoys me. It pisses me off, but it does not (at least, I do not think) frighten me. Yet it does seem to frighten other people.

Oh, please do not get me wrong! I am -for want of a better way of expressing this- frightened of the damage Mormonism can do to people and to families (my own family is a prime example of this, after all!) but am I scare of Mormonism, per se? No, I do not think so.

Yet there are some people who seem scared of the whole concept of Mormonism. Let's take this example. I always put adsense adverts on my blogs. The "fun" ones like Notamormon and the serious ones, which are not really blogs, but ways of using the platform to publish online magazines. (Please, if you want to take a look you can access them via my portal site at

But there are some people who got really upset about my notamormon blog when I first started it! Why? Because some of the adverts that came up where gasp! pro-Mormon!

And... the problem with that would be... what, exactly?

"Well, it is promoting the Mormon church!"

No. All it is doing is running an advert like any other advert-carrying publication. You have a problem with that?

"Yes! Yes, I DO! You can't DO that!"

"Why? Why not?"

The problem is that the people who complained loudly about my advert carrying some Mormon adverts (and who did so on the RFM board, too, thus helping bring down a firestorm of anti-bloggness which reigned until Eric kindly gave ex-Mormon bloggers a link page) seem incapable of spotting the delicious irony of the stituation of an ex-Mormon blog being funded by the Mormon Church! I thought that it was partially a payback for all the tithing that the Mormon Church took off me while I was a member.

Maybe I should keep score?

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