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Carnival of the Veil Sunday 4 November

Here is COV for Sunday 4 November.

We start with a contribution from South Bay Soliloquies

It is a very interesting film (sorry, Movie!) review:
“I went to this amazing movie tonight. Alone.

It was an incredible cinematic experience. Ang Lee has outdone himself. My only disappointment is that I feel most American audiences would not "get" the film. What available character development is subtle, and I don't think the average American does well with subtle. Perhaps it would be better to read the short story the film is based on first, although I think I would have enjoyed the movie, either way.”

Next is from A New Eric:

Who writes:

“Sorry I don't respond to Carnival very often... I took it for granted while Donavan was doing it, 'cause he'd often just grab something off my blog without telling me!

This last week I talked about the truthiness o the church. The link
is at

“The Doctrine of Truthiness
The Doctrine of Truthiness
Main Entry: truthiness
Part of Speech: n
Definition: the state of wishing things to be true; also, conformity to beliefs one feels or wishes to be true
Example: Truthiness is a satirical term coined by television comedian Stephen Colbert to describe things that a person claims to know intuitively, instinctively, or "from the gut" without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or actual facts.
Etymology: 2005”

And also now From the Ashes

“The other day I turned on the TV to find an afternoon cartoon for my son. The TV was tuned to some random channel, and a woman was on telling the story of Samuel from the Hebrew Bible to a group of children. "And Samuel said, 'Here I am, Lord'."

I immediately tensed up. I bristled at the thought of my son hearing that story about god talking to a boy. It could have been any Bible, story, though, and I still would have gone on the defensive. I turned the channel as quickly as possible. To me, that TV show represented the literalist religious tradition I have rejected, as well as the figurative or mythological tradition I have rejected as the standard and origin for morals. To me, the Bible is baggage. “

And new this time, we welcome CVRick and his groovy blog

He has a fascinating insight into growing up Mormon. What some people call: “Hmmm!” Moments)

"Growing Up Mormon - Inactive Families
One Halloween my whole Mormon world was turned upside down.
When I was fourteen, we went on a young adult scavenger hunt for a church Halloween activity. The object was to go to member's houses and obtain items to complete a list of requirements, bring all those items back to the church, and assemble the perfect scarecrow. Items included an old flannel shirt, straw for stuffing, a hat, boots, etc. We were given the list and a ward directory. Each team had an adult leader to drive them around and we were off."

And here is my contribution

Are you frightened of Mormonism?
Well... are you?

Moronism annoys me. It pisses me off, but it does not (at least, I do not think) frighten me. Yet it does seem to frighten other people.

Oh, please do not get me wrong! I am -for want of a better way of expressing this- frightened of the damage Mormonism can do to people and to families (my own family is a prime example of this, after all!) but am I scared of Mormonism, per se? No, I do not think so.

Yet there are some people who seem scared of the whole concept of Mormonism. Let's take this example…
See you in two weeks time. And if you do not have a new post to send in, then just send me a post from your archives! And do tell other exmo bloggers about what we are up to.

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