Sunday, November 18, 2007

Carnival of the Veil for Sunday 18 November

Here is the Carnival of the Veil for Sunday 18 November.

We start off with A New Eric.

‘As I’m sure my voice will be one of thousands upon thousands who throw their two cents into this discussion, I will do my best to limit the tone of this article to a less-emotional voice.

On November 8th, 2007, it was revealed that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was changing a single word in the Book of Mormon to reflect “details of the Book of Mormon demography which are not known.”’

As Eric points out this is revisionism. Mormon-style.

Sideon has moved. He no longer users Blogger he is now over at Wordpress

Takes you to his latest posting, which is about gender roles

“A “powerful” woman is as frightening today as it was in the 1700’s, just as much as a foppish man gets little or no respect. And nothing makes straight men more instantly insane than the thought of a gay man that can kick their ass, an even more fearful image than actually seeing a man kiss another man. I’m muddying the waters here, because sexuality and gender roles are not mutually exclusive.”

Hey there, Carnival of the Veil folks.

I have stopped blogging on BLOGGER and I migrated to WordPress.

If you're so inclined, please update your links to the new address:

I'm in the process of updating my links. Let me know if you do/don't want to be listed.

Much thanks. -Donavan aka Sideon

And the latest from South Bay Soliloquies covers an art event which sounded kind of cool!

Saturday, instead of going to a Marine Corps Ball or some such other Leatherneck event, I went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to see their exhibit of DalĂ­: Painting and Film. I think it goes until the 6th of January, so if you haven't seen it I recommend checking it out.

It was really very enjoyable. I don't go to enough art museums, although I like the feeling of having my mind kneaded by art.

It was also incredibly crowded! Wow! The first room was the worst, but after that it was OK. It was really refreshing to see a crowded art exhibit too; the stereotypical impression I have of art musuems is that "no one goes to them"

And at Clutch we learn how to cheat, as taught by the Mormon Church.

“Essentially they brought in a Missionary consultant to teach us how to cheat in order to win a game of searching through scriptures. I laughed at the irony. But the funniest part of the whole team experience was that I was the fastest of all the cheaters on our cheating team, and when it came time to go to the competition, the High School Basketball team was invited to a tournament in Butte, Montana. I went there instead.”

And here is my contribution

“Last Sunday was a good day. It was cold, but dry. We went to Birmingham for the Diwali celebrations. Saw some great performances, Bangra dancing and music, some live Bollywood style singing and dancing, some real Indian food, and a really good firework display.”

I have decided to include the classic blog posts in a separate COV posting.

See you next time on Sunday 2 December.

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Hey there - thanks for including an update about my recent move to WordPress!

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