Monday, May 30, 2011

Poor weather for a Public Holiday!

It's a Bank Holiday in Britain. Which, of course, means that the weather has been appalling all day with fairly strong winds and driving rain, both of which made it feel much colder than it really was.

It is brightening up a little now, it is 3.24pm, but hardly anyone has gone out anywhere. No trips to the coast and the fact that this is National Barbecue Week in Britain seems a little ironic. No barbecues today, I fear! Certainly not for us. Maybe next weekend, instead? Weather permitting, of course!

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AlexisAR said...

Matt, while I feel sorry for you, I'm also just a bit envious. Where I live (officially and not for long) we experience so little REAL weather. We get fog in the winter, extreme heat in the summer, and just barely enough rain to keep us from being classified as "desert." My location at the loony bin, and my new location at university nearby, should provide occasional weather. We at least get tsunami WARNINGS, even if the actual tsunamis are only eighteeen inches high.

I'm not wishing for Hurricane Katrina, or the sorts of tsunamis that wiped out Galveston or Hilo, or even any of the flooding that is experienced annually along major rivers. I'm not THAT stupid. A thunderstorm once in a great while when there's plenty of warning for everyone to take shelter would be nice, as would an occasional snowstorm.
Wishing you mild weather because I know you like it,