Sunday, May 08, 2011

Things that make you say: "What???"

The following post is nothing to do with Mormonism, by the way.

Details have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty, but this is, in essence, a true story.

Mr Exx comes home from work one day. He finds his wife in a state of considerable distress and anger. "What on Earth is the matter?" asks Mr Exx, who is concerned and worried about his wife.

"It's that bloody 'friend' of mine, Mary! She just will not leave me alone to get on with any housework! She was here for hours today! Just sat there, gossiping! "

There then followed a sixty minute rant about how evil Mary was, what a worthless person Mary was, how Mrs Exx wished she had never met Mary, etc., etc., etc.

After sixty minutes of this episode of the "Everyone Hates Mary" show, Mr Exx was becoming more than a little agitated, himself. He said: "Well, logically, the best thing to do is tell Mary not to come round to our house, if she is that much of a nuisance to you, and seeing as how much you hate her?"

It was at this moment that a logical disconnect suddenly sandbagged Mr Exx. "Aha!" Shouted Mrs Exx, triumphantly. "Now we have arrived at the truth! You do not want me to have friends! You want to keep me isolated from everyone!"

Apparently, without Mr Exx being aware of this fact, someone had switched channels from the "Everyone Hates Mary" show to a new programme entitled: "Mr Exx, the Evil, Sexist Pig" show.

There then followed a rather rancorous two hour 'debate' in which all of the alleged failings of Mr Exx, and of his parents and his siblings were brought out and made to dance like holographic puppets.

After this, whilst Mr Exx was virtually shaking with anger, having naturally been left feeling terribly upset, Mrs Exx abruptly stopped being a ball of fury, instantly calmed down, smiled sweetly and said: "Do you fancy a cup of tea?"

All Mr Exx could say was: "Yes please," because he knew that if he had said anything else, he would not have been able to control his tongue let alone his temper.

It's probable that Mrs Exx transferred the rage (justified or unjustified) that she felt towards Mary on to her husband, Mr Exx. Is this blame transfer a common phenomenon, or not?

I would be pleased to have your comments on this.


SUNNofaB.C.Rich said...

sounds like she's bi-polar...

Matt said...

Well, that's possible. Or there's the possibility of it being a "time of the month" issue.

I had a friend who said that his wife had a severe "time of the month" problem. Apparently it started two weeks before and ended two weeks afterwards...