Saturday, June 25, 2011

New free online resource and training course for writers launched

A new free online resource and training course for writers has been launched.

Be That Writer will provide information of interest to writers, some training and some writing exercises to help aspiring or perspiring(!) writers to hone their writing skills.

A spokesman for Be That Writer said: "It's our aim to help you to Be That Writer that you want to be and that you can be. A lot of what you might have been told about becoming a writer is probably nonsense.

"Sadly, some of it is expensive nonsense, as some people who run writing courses can charge worse than a rioting rhino! You do not have to pay for using the resources of Be That Writer, but if you want to, you can make a donation via the site to help us defray our expenses."

Be That Writer will be of help to people who want to write for the fun of it and for those who want to make some income from their writings, as well as having some fun.

The site is operated by experienced writers, the editor-in-chief and publisher has in excess of 25 years as an author and published writer who makes a living from writing.

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