Monday, June 26, 2006

Jim kindly commented on my blog. This is my reply to Jim

What Jim wrote is at the foot of this blog post

Dear Jim,
Thank you for your email.
The title of my blog might be a little confusing. I suppose the proper title would be "Not A Mormon... any more."

For I was raised as a Mormon. I read the Book of Mormon at least three times all the way through, did seminary, took part in seminary scripture chases. Went through Institute, and was made an elder in the Mormon church.

You claim I twist and distort things. I am amused by this claim. Why? Because what I write is either based on my own research or on stuff that happened to me.

Therefore they are not twisted or distored. And I note that only a Mormon would believe that someone with something critical to say about (for example) the less savoury points of the life of Joseph Smith is "bashing" anything.

Unless you are the type of Mormon who knows that every Mormon who resigned their membership only did so because they wanted to sin? :)

I left the Mormon church because I prayed very fervently to God and God told me the Mormon church was not his true church. To be frank, I was not expecting that answer, I was expecting to be told that it was true. So I felt compelled to leave the Mormon church by God.

What is of value to me? Truth. My personal integrity. Helping to inform people that the Mormon church is not God's true church, when I have the chance.

What would I devote myself to if the LDS church ceased to exist? Pretty much what I do now. Voluntary work, and working within my professional field which takes up so much time I am mildly stunned to find I have ANY free time!

The time I spend on the issues raised by the existance of the Mormon church is tiny, in reality.
Best wishes,


Hi Matt,I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading the comments that you posted.I understand by the title of your blog that you are obviously NOT A MORMON. So tell me. What exactly are you? You seem to know what you think is not right and feel pretty comfortable bashing, twisting and distorting things that you claim are of no value to you, but what exactly is of value to you?Do you actually stand for anything? If so, I would love to hear about it. You seem to be someone that has given a lot of thought to spiritual things and I am sure that you have some beliefs that you DO believe in, other than the "LDS Church is false". At least I hope that you do. Think for a moment...If the LDS Church ceased to exist tomorrow, what would you be devoting yourself to? What worthy cause would occupy your mind or would you cease to exist as well? I hope that your life isn't only built around bashing the mormons, because if it is....... then my friend, I am afraid that you need them to exist. Maybe you should begin to give some thought to that and dedicate yourself to something that doesn't require you to depend on the existence of Mormons.Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,Jim


Bruce said...

Hi Matt,
How are you today? Well I hope.
Personally I am not anti Mormon or anti Jehovahs or anti Catholics. Everybody can wear the particular ties of their choosing (ties/ties- get it?).

All we need to do is establish general principles, or general Christian principles, and work from there.

There are some lovley Mormon folks out there, and some days they may take off their ties and relax.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, the Mormons are spot on when using water for the Communion.

God Be With You,

"If one comes across a system which provokes harsh judgment and yet offers little reason or reasons, be wary. Delight and joy, inspiration and happiness, laughter and beauty, are all attributed to Divine impulses which we are endowed with, all in all."

Matt said...

Thank you Bruce. God bless you!

I stopped being a Mormon and became a Christian.

"If one comes across a system which provokes harsh judgment and yet offers little reason or reasons, be wary. Delight and joy, inspiration and happiness, laughter and beauty, are all attributed to Divine impulses which we are endowed with, all in all."

How very true this is. Thank you for sharing it. I only wish my parents had been more wary of the Mormon Church before hey joined it.

Ariel said...

Very interesting. Well, I joined the Mormon Church when I was 27 and had lived a life totally out of control and filled with narcisism. I knew it was wrong and wanted better for my children. I had a hard time buying the Joseph Smith story but was baptized anyway.

Through the Mormon Church I learned to love other people as I never had before. I came to understand that God doesn't just want us to worship Him, He wants us to love and serve one another. I learned that true happiness comes through living the Gospel.

I still believe Joseph Smith had some sort of religious experience and the Book of Mormon is inspired. My husband learned within the last few years about some, shall we say PROBLEMS, with LDS history. It doesn't add up. My heart has been broken over this. We have left the church.

I believe now that our relationship with God is very personal. I don't think we need a church or religious leader to give us what we need. Notice Jesus never ever has been recorded as saying that by virtue of membership in some church you will be saved.

I miss the people, the singing, the opportunities to serve as their hard to find on my own.

I know the church is screwed up so there's no point in returning but still my heart is so broken over the loss. Arial