Tuesday, June 20, 2006

There are NO positive benefits to Mormonism

I was thinking to myself yesterday. I thought "Surely there must have been some unique positive benefit to my membership of the Mormon church?

"So… what was it?" I thought. I could almost hear the sound of the breeze rustling through the trees of my imagination, as I waited for the answer.

Of course, no answer came. Why not? Because there was no unique, positive benefit that I, or anyone else, derived from membership of the Mormon Church.

As a youth in the church, there were no dances, no functions. Sometimes we took part on a road show. But eventually these were stopped. They had an annual stake New Year dance. Which they decided at one point had to finish at 10 pm, which rather did put a dampener on the whole thing, as you could imagine.
Before my parents made me become a Mormon I was a member of the Sea Scouts. When we became Mormons, somehow, I wasn’t a Sea Scout anymore. I was never allowed to go to school discos. It was felt that these weren’t appropriate for a young Mormon. We were supposed to attend nice safe Mormon events instead. Unfortunately there were no Mormon events for local young people, so that was a rather moot point, in reality.

There was a local youth club that was more of an outward bound style club, with trips to mountains, etc., etc. That was deemed "un-Mormon" too. So I never took part in that.
To rub salt in the wounds we had church books and magazines that told us about "cool" things like Mormon Church promoted scouting, etc., but we didn’t get anything like that in the UK, when I was growing up as a Mormon. We went on Father and son camping expeditions. But, in truth, there were only ever two or three of those organised.

What about church dances in our ward? There were only ever two. And I organised both of those, as I was so angry that nobody had organised dances when I was younger, that I decided to organise one. I used part of a redundancy compensation to hire equipment for the disco.
The disco was a great success. The second one was a failure as the Stake president’s first counsellor decided that young people should not waste their time going to dances. His words were: "Those young members who had not gone on a mission should be staying at home studying their scriptures, whilst those who had been on a mission should already be married and at home with their wife!" Weird, or what?

But that was his view. Someone complained to Stake President about him. (not me) And got excommunicated for failing to sustain the brethren, for their pains. His wife left the Mormon Church, too, taking their children with them, so I guess it worked out well for them, in the long run.
So, what about the fact that I do not smoke and me a decent person? Strangely enough, most of my non-Mormon relatives do not smoke and they are all exceedingly nice, decent, honest people. And all this despite the fact that they were never members of the Mormon Church.
Claims by Mormons that they would not be good, decent people had they not been Mormons are the result of cult indoctrination.


Bruce said...

Is the Mormon Church's attitude Christian?
Is your attitude Christian?

Just a couple of little questions for you.

Matt said...

Thank you Bruce.

I am not sure your questions bore any relevance to the post in question.

But to answer them in the order you posed them...

1) No.

2) Perhaps.

Matt said...

I'm sorry to hear your tale about some bad experiences with the LDS faith . . . I happen to get a lot out of it. About the dances, I think you just had a party-pooper stake! We have a dance almost every 3 months, with all types of music. I have a wonerful time and many times my band has played, thanks to the Stake President! I think you just had a bad shake of things . . .
If you see this, please respond.

Bruce said...

Good on you "notamormon Matt" (as opposed to the other Matt),

I do think there are some positive benefits to Mormonism. You are one of them.

Every cloud has its silver lining.

As far as memberships go in various churches, that is all very well, but not a requirement of Christ. Christ will NOT be franchised by ANY church.

"one cannot bind folk to any organization with pledges or signed agreements and to endeavour to is complete nonsense, so one must question the need to do so."

"If one were to belong to a given race of men, surely they would not need a membership card to establish they do."

Thank goodness for the free thinkers out there.

There are other benefits of Mormonism, one being their avoidance of alcohol.

It is interesting how they have combined the elements of Masonry with it as well.

Love to All,

Matt said...

Thank you, Bruce!

God bless you!