Friday, June 16, 2006

Mormon Truth!!: Welcome To Week 6, Of The Carnival Of The Veil!!

Mormon Truth!!: Welcome To Week 6, Of The Carnival Of The Veil!!

This is another exceptionally cool COTV! Enjoy!


Kelly said...

Hi Matt,

I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading the comments that you posted.

I understand by the title of your blog that you are obviously NOT A MORMON. So tell me. What exactly are you? You seem to know what you think is not right and feel pretty comfortable bashing, twisting and distorting things that you claim are of no value to you, but what exactly is of value to you?

Do you actually stand for anything? If so, I would love to hear about it.

You seem to be someone that has given a lot of thought to spiritual things and I am sure that you have some beliefs that you DO believe in, other than the "LDS Church is false". At least I hope that you do. Think for a moment...If the LDS Church ceased to exist tomorrow, what would you be devoting yourself to? What worthy cause would occupy your mind or would you cease to exist as well? I hope that your life isn't only built around bashing the mormons, because if it is....... then my friend, I am afraid that you need them to exist.

Maybe you should begin to give some thought to that and dedicate yourself to something that doesn't require you to depend on the existence of Mormons.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,


Matt said...

Thank you Jim. I have emailed my reply to you.

Oh. for the record I do not twist or distort things.