Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Mormon online service makes me somewhat sad


"Clean email and a safe and fun online experience are the focus of a new website catering to the LDS community.Launched in April of 2006, is quickly becoming “the Homepage” for many Mormon's around the world.

"The one of a kind website was created to bring together many Internet resources and make them conveniently available and centrally located for the LDS community," says Jay Olson, Founder of LDS Central.

The website boasts many online features available to the member such as: LDS Dating and Personals ads, Job listings, Mormon Scripture and Gospel, Auctions, Filtered Email service, Instant Messaging, and Healthy Living and Nutrition tips for the Mormon community.

“It is our intent to provide a safe and secure gateway to the Internet while providing an interactive and resourceful website for members of The Church.

LDS Central is maintained and monitored on a daily basis to keep in harmony with our purpose and mission of providing a safe and fun filled on-line atmosphere for all of the LDS Central members,” concluded Mr. Olson. memberships start at just a few dollars for 1 month of access with LDS Single and Family plans available."

Doesn't Jay understand that his boss, Moron (sic) president Gordon "the Controller" Hinckley does NOT want Mormons like Jay running their own websites?

Repent Jay! Repent! Confess to your Bishop. Close down your website and submit to the will of the collective!

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Darque said...

You got that right!

Maybe they could start selling "The Filthy Filter" on the site as well, or some other MLM scam.

I will check out their site with 'interest'...