Saturday, June 03, 2006

Why the Mormon Church does NOT want "gay" weddings. The answer might shock you.

Why does the Mormon Church think that homosexual marriage or a similar service is a good idea?

Adam posted this on the RFM board, recently:

"I have just received a copy of a letter sent to all GA's, Seventies and Stake Presidents in the US that asks Mormons to "express themselves on this urgent matter to their elected representatives in the Senate" relative to the June 6 vote on an amendment to the Constitution "designed to protect the traditional institution of marriage."Here we go again ..."

Now, you would think that this is because the sanctity if marriage is important. That it needs to be protected, etc., etc.

But I would make a modest wager that there is another reason for their opposition to this ammendment to the law.

If that amendment is passed, it might really open the floodgates for other changes. What if, for example, polygamy was to become legalised?

The Mormon church would not be able to pretend that polygamy was a thing of the past, something of historical interest only. And minor interest at that.

Polygamy would be a live issue. A very live and dangerous issue. Because there would be no excuse not to re-introduce polygamy. Oh, damn!

Things could become very interesting for the next Mormon prophet...


Nate Dredge said...

Why do you have Mormon oriented adds on your site?

Matt said...

Why not? Do they scare you? do yu think they'll turn you into a Mormon?

I also have "anti" Mormon adverts on the site, too? Should they be allowed?

In truth, Google ads goes by key words. And picks up on Mormon, as you would expect.