Monday, April 24, 2006

Mormonism = Moronism. Or, I can't believe my mother did this!

I am a reasonably successful journalist. I am deputy editor/sub-editor and featurer writer on four monthly magazines. And whilst I am not paid a great deal, I am certainly paid more than the average for the area in which I live. And my wife and I own our own house, which is a very nice show home on a new development.

So, why on Earth did my mother arrange for me to get a job working in Utah with the man who was the missionary instrumental in trapping them in Mormonism?

My mother and he thought that I would give up my career in journalism, my house and my wife and go and work for him putting in fitted kitchens. Whilst there is nothing wrong with fitting kitchens for a living my mother knows I am totally inept at such practical things.

You'd have to be a real Moron to think that would ever happen. Or a real Mormon. I sometimes wonder if there's that much of a difference...

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