Sunday, April 16, 2006

Did Mormonism harm your health?

A first for my blog, Notamormon. This is a health related post.

Recently it has become obvious that I suffer from partial deafness and tinnitus. The tinnitus is especially bad in noisy environments. It is a high pitched whistle which sometimes has a low thrumming noise.

I began to wonder if some people who are/were Mormons might have tinnitus due to multiple baptisms for the dead? (As I only ever did an handful due to my fear and loathing of the Mormon temple, I would not expect that would be the cause of my problem,

But my wife noticed that after a large cup of coffee from Coffee Republic in Waterstone's bookshop, Birmingham (For Brummies, this is the one on the High Street, in the former Co-op building!) my hearing was better for quite a while.

Research shows niacin helps with some cases of tinnitus. Might coffee/caffine have the same effect? Another reason why Mormonism is bad for the health! If coffee can help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus, no Mormon will ever benefit from this, which is rather sad...

To find out if you have a problem with your hearing, Siemens runs a free online hearing test. Which you will find at

It showed that I have a problem with my hearing, but not a severe one.

This board (for professional musicians) has a very useful thread on tinnitus

These next two links are for the British Tinnitus Association and the American Tinnitus Association

Please can you pass the address of this blog post on to friends and colleagues who have problems with their hearing? Trust me. As a sufferer, it is nice to know someone cares, that someone understands and knows what you are going through.

The address to pass on, please, is

It will be useful to non-Mormon suffers, too.

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Matt said...

It seems that this innocent post on tinnitus has been removed from the RFM board, even though I stuck to all of the rules.

Looks like you can't win, with some people. :o\/