Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blog link page now opened at RFM

Yes, the admin people at Recovery From Mormonism have already put up the first blogs on their blog list.

I think this is a bold and sensible idea which is a compromise. Doubtless some people wanted all blogs banned. (God knows why!) but admin decided to take the sensible option (put to them several weeks ago by a blogger) of creating a blog link page.

If you want to look at the blog link page on RFM you can access it direct at

If you would like your own blog to by listed you can find out how to list it by visiting

1 comment:

Ruby The Diva Dachshund said...


I think it was my fault. It was right after I posted a link to MY blog that the ban was announced.

Since I am not a mormon, or an ex-Mormon, or even a biped, I can't list my blog on their list either.

Sometimes I hate being a dog.