Friday, April 14, 2006

Why are blog links banned at RFM?

Why have links to blogs been banned on RFM? The truth is, I do not know. Although I can guess. A post by Eric on his board indicates that some gutless arsewipes have tried to advertise “things” (whatever they are or were) and were told they could not advertise them.

Eric does not want adverts on his site? That’s fine. After all, RFM is his site!

But these gutless arsewipes (G.A.s) noticed that some people (myself included) sometimes put up links to blogs.

Why did we do this? It was a way of ensuring that our posts were available on the Internet for more than the limited amount if time RFM can keep posts up before mass deleting them.

It also helped Eric because it kept his bandwidth requirements lower, thus reducing his running costs.

But the G.A.s did not like this. They saw it as advertising and decided to go for the “slash and burn” method of complaint. “If WE can’t advertise, then why should THEY?” They stamped their tiny little feet and held their breath until their faces turned blue. And Eric, by way of a compromise(!) decided to ban links to blogs.

Well, someone decided to implement this policy, whether with the permission or not of Eric is open to question. The current policy of providing a page of links to blogs is one of catch up” and hopefully will be helpful. Although not perfect.

If someone says: “I need help on point x” a blogger can say: “I have covered that in my blog. Here’s the link.” They’d then nip off site, read the blog post and then come back.

But now as the rules stand you can’t do that. Although you can repost the blog’s contents, on the board, but not the link, thus wasting bandwidth.

So the cool way that we could link to blogs, and zoom over to other people’s blogs has been stopped by some whining, contemptible G.A.s. Gosh. Sounds just like in the Mormon church!


C.L. Hanson said...


Here we see the squeaky wheel getting the most oil!!!!

So when CZ himself makes a bloglist, yours is on it, and for all my polite non-whining mine isn't... ;-)

Matt said...

You have to send them the link and a description.

I am gonna have to send Eric a donation, cos I said I would. (Oops! Son of a Bitch bitter by Bullmastiff brewery of Cardiff, Wales. Mmm! ;o)) )