Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Mormon story part 3

When I was a non-Mormon I used to attend Sea Scouts. I havn't a clue why we had a Sea Scout group where we lived, as we were in a landlocked community, but I loved going, any way!

Then, after we became Mormons, somehow I never went to Sea Scouts any more. Instead, I had Primary. As a replacement for the Sea Scouts, it was a bitter disapointment. We did nothing. We had a green sash to wear to glue plastic badges on. But I only ever got to glue one or two plastic badges on, as in Britain we did very little of the "fun" activities that American Primary Children did.

Although we had the Primary Penny Parade for some Mormon children's hospital in Utah. I thought that rather strange. The only regular thing they did for us was to take our money away from us. And that was on top of tithing.

My non-member friends still went to Sea Scouts. Only, somehow, I never got to play with them, these non-member friends, any more. I had to play with my own new church friends at church and Primary.

But I was often the only child in my Primary class, so playing with friends at church or primary was never really an option. What was wrong about my non-member friends? "Nothing. But... because we are Mormons now, we are different to them. We should be in the world, but not of it."

I was alone. And very lonely as a Mormon.

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