Monday, May 08, 2006

Make your own cider

This recipe is included "as is" from memory. I accept no responsibility if you try to make it. I had some good successes though, and may make some more, one day.

If you do not like beer, have you tried cider? The alcholic type, I mean?If you get a demijon and an airlock bung you can make your own.Twp or three cartons of apple juice, enough water to take the liquid to the shoulder of the demijon, and two pounds of sugar or a large jar of runny honey, mix it all up with some wine yeast, add some dried fruit and put the airlock bung in.Leave it for about four to five weeks. When it stops bubbling, you can leave it for several weeks more and then syphon it off, or you can, when it stops bubbling, put it into presurised bottles. Leave for a few weeks more and then it should be ready to drink.Don't drink the sediment, though.

And it does Make a fairly potent brew.

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