Friday, May 05, 2006

My Mormon story part 2

Although I had friends who were non-Mormons, somehow I knew the Mormon church had somehow erected an invisible barrier between them and me. Somehow it was made known to me that I was different. I was chosen, I was special. Funny. I did not feel special! I felt confused!

However, I believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. How did I know this? We had tapes played to us by the elders (remember those small portable reel-to-reel tape machines that they missionaries used back in the 1960s? Also, we had slide shows and everyone was shown the film: “Meet the Mormons.”

I recall my mother being worried when she realised that Brigham Young was involved with the church. But somehow she was able to smooth that over in her mind. More’s the pity!

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