Tuesday, May 16, 2006

When I was odained an elder at age 18, I felt I was a fraud!

They had just ordained me and I thought: "This is a farce! I am 18 years old. And they have ordanied me an elder. It's a joke!

"What experiences of life have I ever had that qualifies me for being considered to be an elder? Surely an elder should be just that? An elder? Someone who is elder than people like me, someone with some life experience, someone who has earned the right to be called elder? Earned the right to be respected!

I hadn't. I was a kid, still we behind the ears!


Really said...

Many are called, but few are chosen. Too bad you didn't live up to the calling you were given.

Matt said...

On the contrary, son. I have, with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, rejected the unholy false religion createdc by the liar Joseph Smith. I will pray for you to ask God to guide you to his true Gospel.

Kim Strahan said...

Really too bad you can't find a non judgemental bone in your body and put yourself in someone else's shoes and look at the situtation described. But that is the rampid and encouraged view from the Morms. I am not surprised.

And Really aren't you trolling just a bit?

I felt like a fraud when I was supposed to be attracted ETERNALLY to a spineless/humorless geek of a return missionary because he you know prayed about me and stuff. Even though I was too old for him (20) he ended up marrying a chick right out of highschool. That is the disturbing near pedolific encouraged lifestyle. Marry young and don't question anything.