Sunday, May 28, 2006

What do other faiths think about Mormon Baptism for the Dead?

Is it not time that they started to fight back over this vile doctrine? It is an insult to the memories of our dear departed relations and especially to all of the poor souls murdered by the Nazis.

Now, here is a point. Jews were murdered by the Nazis and (despite claims to the contrary by the Mormon Church) Jewish victims of the Holocaust are STILL being baptised by proxy.

As well as Jews, Homosexuals were also murdered as part of the Nazi genocide. Are homosexuals being baptised for the dead, also? Or not? (The Mormon Church is anti-gay, so perhaps not.)

Either way, the roll call of Holocaust victims should not be used as a feeding pot for the vile practices of the Mormon church, established by the necromancer and convicted fraudster, Joseph Smith.

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