Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just when it looked to be getting better...

I had thought that things were improving. I was getting on better with my TBM mother. (Chiefly, however, I realise because I had made the effort.)

She probably hasn't got long to live (or so she implied the other week, as a result of several health problems.) so I was letting bygones be bygones, talking to her on the phone, and thinking of visiting her.

This has all been thrown into chaos when my wife was approached by a woman she had never met before. (My wife is a well known local writer and her photo has appeared in the local paper) The woman said: "You are Matt's wife, aren't you?"

My wife said that yes she was. This woman then began shouting at her (in public, mind you!): "I think it is a disgrace what you have done to that poor family! How DARE you upset them?"

My wife told her to go away in no uncertain terms.

I am angry, It is now clear that my mother has been continuing to gossip and lying about not only me but my wife (which I consider to be worse) to her TBM cronies.

I met my wife YEARS after I stopped being a Mormon, so what is my mother pulling through her? I am angry with her, but if I say anything to her it will just make the situation WORSE.

And this is one of the reasons why I loath and despise the Mormon Cult.

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