Sunday, April 03, 2011

Have you watched or listened to the Mormon General Conference?

I must admit, I have not.

The last time I bothered with the Mormon General Conference was when I was a believing Mormon in the early 1980s.

Since then, I have not bothered. Well, why on Earth would I? I know there's an argument for bothering to keep up with it so you know what they are up to, but I really cannot be bothered, to br quite frank!


Anonymous said...

My husband is incredibly upset and very resistant to the fact that I no longer believe the Mormon church to be true. I caught a talk and a half of this conference, and it just added to that cognitive dissonance. I listened to one apostle talk about how questions come up, but we need to be obedient and have faith even if things don't seem to be right (I'm wildly paraphrasing). Then I listened to President Monson wax rhapsodic about the temples and all these lovely families who sacrificed everything to get there to take out their endowments and be sealed. I'm sure those families are lovely, but I couldn't stop thinking of the thing I read last week comparing the temple ceremonies to the masonic ceremonies. In other words, I felt nothing but surprise that I didn't figure it out sooner.

Matt said...

I feel sorry for you that your husband is still deluded by the Mormon Church.

And I feel sorry for your husband that he is still deluded by the Mormon Church, too.

My best wishes to both of you.