Monday, April 25, 2011

When my blog started

My blog started in February 2006. That's just over five years ago.

During that time I have made a large number of posts on a wide variety of topics. Many on Mormonism and what it is like to be an ex-Mormon. Some, however, have not been about Mormonism and ex-Mormonism, but on topics that I hold dear to my heart. Conservation is one such subject. Not long ago I wrote an article on frog conservation because I believe that frogs are an important part of the web of life.

I have even posted about when my wife and I met the Queen and Prince Philip. Oh. Or have I? I'll check, and if I haven't I'll make that post, soon!

I have published a book based on some of my blog posts. Most people like this, one person thought there were too many swearwords in it. Oh, dear. In my opinion that is one person who cannot cope with life outside the precious Mormon bubble. Hopefully they will learn to cope with life in the real world.

Well, what will the next five years bring? Let's find out together, shall we?!

And thanks for for making the whole thing possible!


Valerie said...

"cheers" to five years!

AlexisAR said...

Is your book availablle of Amazon, Matt?
Alexis, who also loves frogs and whose family mourns each time the rain overflow basin adjacent to our property is dredged, after which we neither see nor hear signs of frogs for the better part of two years. We do experience more mosquitoes, though, and probably breathe more pesticides that are sprayed and dumped to try to combat the mosquitoes in ways other than the way nature intended.

Matt said...

Thanks, Valerie! Much appreciated!

And Alexis, my book is available for download only at present at Lulu, the link is