Sunday, April 24, 2011

Killer reason why Mormonism is not true

The killer reason as to why Mormonism is not true is that Joseph Smith, and several other people, made the whole thing up.

The Book of Mormon was made up from bits of the Bible, bits of other books including even a bit of Shakespeare, and he mined the philosophy of others to add verisimilitude to the whole rotten structure.

Plus, of course, there was the latter stealing of Methodist Church services and formats, the wholesale theft of Masonic Rites, etc., etc.


Diane Tingen said...

Oh, so true. When I discovered the real truth behind the whole thing, that it is a scam, I was reluctant to admit that Joseph Smith made the whole thing up. But the fact is that he did. And in my opinion, it was to gain power over people, make money, and get all the women he wanted. What a douchebag!!

Matt said...

Diane, That's probably the best description possible of Joseph Smith! Thank you!

Scubarojo said...

A very scholarly work on the subject is "No man knows my History" by Fawn Brodie. Available at most libraries. All made up, Douchebag is being kind. We should ask Mr. Romney does he believe these fairy tales? For the record I don't believe the other fairy tales and myths called religion either.