Monday, April 04, 2011

Mormons that are pseuds

There are some Mormons that are pseuds. They pretend that they have great knowledge. I recall one idiot, sorry!, one General Authority (I can't remember who he was, save that he was from Utah) who said to a Stake priesthood conference session when he was addressing the Aaronic Priesthood that the boys there knew more than the most learned religious scholars (he used the term scholars in a mocking, ironic fashion) and had more power in their little finger than the Pope and also more power in their little finger than their own mothers.

This statement bothered me and when I mentioned this to my mother she said: "Perhaps he should remember who did his cooking, ironing and cleaning and who looked after him when he was a little boy?"

Looking back on it, I can see that he was going against Bible teachings: "Honour Your Parents, but don't bother to honour your mother" is not in any Bible I have ever seen. But then, perhaps it is in a spcial Bible for pseud Mormons who pretend great knowledge of af all things, yet know far, far less than even the most relatively unlearned Bible Scholar?

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AlexisAR said...

I've heard things along those lines as well. Matt, though not so many as you might have heard both because I didn't attend as many LDS meetings and because I wasn't in on any priesthood-specific gatherings.I have noticed in my own family that thr teen-aged biys tend to respect amd obey their moms only to the degree that their fathers insist upon it. In contrast, in another LDS extended family with whom I spend a lot of time, the boys wouldn't think of disrespecting their mothers, with or without the fsthers' input, just because the mothers would put their sons in their places immediately at the first sign of insurrection. This other family isn't nearly so "Irom Rod" in regard to all things LDS, but functions more effectively because common sense prevails over stupid and ill-guided comments leaders may habe spouted from the podium.
Any time off-the-cuff remarks frp, church authorities areallowed to overrule comon sense, the results cannot be good.
P.S. One nice thing about being sick i that they don't tkae my computer away from me at night.