Monday, April 11, 2011

Six am

Yes, it is six am here in the UK, Britain, England and I am busy working on my own websites before I leave for work at 8.15am and start working at 9am on the websites and print magazines I work on for my employer!

It's truly lucky that I enjoy writing so much, isn't it?

Had I still been a Mormon I doubt very much if I would have been able to establish myself as a writer.

There's something horribly stultifying about Mormonism. It seems to sap creativity and to take the pleasure and enjoyment out of so many things in life.

It shouldn't do, but it does. All the meetings and the meetings about meetings and the fact that the day of rest is turned into just another day of three hour block meetings and then the additional meetings that surround that. But wait a minute?! Wasn't the three hour block meeting introduced to stop extra meetings?

Well, in part, yes, I seem to remember that was one of the reasons given, but instead it seems that the leadership allowed their eye to wander from the ball and now meeting seem to breed and grow like viruses.

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