Saturday, March 25, 2006

The absurdity of the position of some Ex-Mormons!

OK, you went through primary, seminary, institute, priesthood, relief society, what-have-you. And somehow this makes you an expert on all other religions?

The average Mormon is taught fuck-all about religion. They are also taught very little indeed about their own religion, too.

And that’s the truth! Almost everything you learnt as a Mormon was a waste of time, because it was either lies, exaggerations or mere exhortations to follow the profit (sic), hand over your money, or how “bad” all other religions are.

Anyone who bases their concept of other religions or philosophies on their Mormon brainwashed training is acting like a fuckwit.

Get a clue!You only ever get poison out of a bottle of poison. Stop drinking the poisoned knowledge you got as a Mormon! Learn some facts for a change, those of you who are deluded enough to think that you know anything about other religions!

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