Saturday, March 04, 2006

Book of Mormon Stories, seem like lies to me!

All Mormons, without any exception whatsoever, were taught that the Lamanites and the Nephites settled America, but found the remnants of the Jaradites. They did not find anyone else. Now, it is of vital importance to remember that.

For it is known that the people who settled America were Asians. There were also people from France, but we can leave them out of the picture, at present.

As Lamanite battled against Nephite and also against other Lamanites, sometimes, is it not a little strange that they could have lived throughout all those hundreds of hundreds of years and not met one, for example, Plains Indian? None of the decendants of the Viking settlers? Or the Welsh settlers? The Irish? Or the Inuit? Or the Clovis People?

There can be only one explanation. That the Book of Mormon is not only fiction, but very poor fiction at that.

Let's now look at the claim by the Mormon church and their "Riders of the Purple Sage" aka FARMS, FAIR, etc.

They claim that the Jewish Lamanites simply quite rapidly forgot their Jewish traditions. If this were true, it would be truly astonishing. Why? Because the Jews of Africa, Lemba, Abayudaya Jews, the Falasha Jews, or the Shinlung Jews of India, even though some trace their leaving Israel over 2,000 years ago still observe the Jewish religion.

The Book of Mormon is bunkum.

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