Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why does the Mormon church deny the teachings of Jesus Christ?

Tithing was part of the law of Moses. Jesus taught that when he came to the world, the law of Moses was fulfilled, and thus at an end.

Why, therefore, does the Mormon church DENY this part of the teachings of Jesus Christ? If tithing ended with the coming of Christ, then tithing IS ended. Period. No more tithing.

Thus every penny, cent, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Franc, Euro, New Zealand Dollar, Pesos, etc., etc., gathered in tithing since the Mormon church was founded was gathered under false pretences. It was stolen.

Every Mormon, in effect, goes without their wages one week out of every ten. That's 5.2 weeks of wages every year taken by the Mormon church from every tithe paying member when it should not have done so!

When will the Mormon church stop this stealing from its own members? The answer, sadly, is never. The Mormon church is addicted to the money and is not going to get rid of this habit, no matter how bad or loathsome it might be.

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